Cory Couture Named Best Designer for Fall 2017 at Couture Fashion Week

Cory Couture by Cory Tran named Best Designer Fall 2017 at Couture Fashion Week NY
Cory Tran of Cory Couture (left) accepts Best Designer of 2017 award from Couture Fashion Week producer Andres Aquino and Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 Kristhielee Caride. Photo: Ron Carr.

Cory Couture by Cory Tran (Pham Thi Ngoc Anh) was named Best Designer for Fall 2017 at the recent Couture Fashion Week event held in New York City. Part of the prestigious event’s 25th season, Cory Couture also presented his latest stunning collection on the runway before a delighted audience.

The award was presented to designer Cory Tran by Couture Fashion Week producer and founder Andres Aquino. “I am pleased to present Couture Fashion Week New York’s Best Designer for Fall 2017 Award to Cory Tran,” Mr. Aquino announced. “Cory is a truly talented artist with a rich imagination in the creation of couture garments.”

Accompanying Mr. Aquino in the presentation of the award before the audience and global press was Kristhielee Caride, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016.

Cory Tran, who divides his time between New York and his native Vietnam, has been fascinated with exquisite couture gowns since a very young age. He has shown his stunning designs at prestigious fashion events including New York Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week New York and Vietnam International Fashion Week. Mr. Tran works with many A-list celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Rita Ora, Toni Braxton, Bai Ling, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Victoria’s Secret supermodels (Heather Marks, Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, Maria Borges, Jasmine Tookes, Sessilee Lopez), Miss Universe and America’s Next Top Models, among others. His designs have been featured in prominent publications worldwide including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Maxim, Esquire, Her World, L’Officiel and Haute Couture.

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Meet FashionUnited’s Country Manager Niklas Gilroy

FashionUnited country manager Niklas GilroyFashionUnited is a valued Couture Fashion Week partner. Get to know FashionUnited’s country manager for the UK, US and Canada, Niklas Gilroy.

So you are the Country Manager for the UK, US and Canada at FashionUnited, what does this role entail?
I’m in charge of supporting our partners with Marketing and HR solutions. Together with my team, I consult fashion companies on Employer Branding or Marketing strategies and connect them with job seekers. This can happen via job postings in our career center, specific social media campaigns, newsletter features or other offers from the FashionUnited service portfolio. There is no standard approach, as every partner is different, that is why we offer tailor-made solutions. Therefore it is crucial to develop a clear understanding of what makes our partners unique and special to find suitable candidates for their specific company culture.

You also have a popular Instagram account and blog, so you have definitely been interested in fashion for a while. How come you decided to get even more involved in the industry?
I started my blog and Instagram during my business studies because I wanted to become an active part of the fashion scene. Both outlets provide me with a platform to communicate thoughts, interests and style ideas. Moreover, they are a great way to keep up-to date with current fashion events and to socialize with like-minded individuals around the world.

After my studies, I worked in the Luxury Beauty sector and then decided to join FashionUnited because I wanted to be part of a young and international team. As an Account Manager, I get to work with brands in all different segments of the fashion market which enables me to get a 360 view of the industry. Moreover, it is quite a fascinating task to assist companies with embracing Digital Media and the ever-growing importance of Employer Branding because there is still so much unused potential.

What advice do you have for others who want to break into the industry?
Get involved and try to gain work experience in the fashion industry. Internships are a great opportunity to get a first-hand impression of what the business side of fashion looks like. Moreover, I think it is essential to attend events and to be active on social media in order to build up a network. Nowadays, it is so easy to keep up to date with the latest news and become an active member of the fashion scene that it really is up to everyone to embrace those opportunities. What makes fashion so interesting is that there are many different ways of entering the industry: Whether you study a fashion-related degree or you come from a regular business/media background – you just need to be active and keep an eye out for interesting positions on websites like FashionUnited.

What do you think of the US fashion scene and what do you foresee becoming a major trend in 2017?
In my opinion, US designers are really making big moves at the moment because they are on the pulse of time when it comes to Digital Media and the current business realities of the fashion market. I think that more commercial designs like the current athleisure trend will stick around and many American designers are at the forefront of producing more affordable lines. Many US brands have been re-thinking their show schedules and started involving Social Media influencers in their design process which proves that they are willing to take on a pioneer position. Nonetheless, I believe that the Couture segment will always play an incredibly important role in the fashion world because that is where aspirational dreams and true craftsmanship are celebrated. In the end, fashion is an incredible art form and Couture designs are at the core of what makes it so special.

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Tango Dancers Jose Delgadillo and Helen Wang to Perform at Couture Fashion Week

Jose Delgadillo and Helen Wang, Argentine Tango dancers

Among the world-class entertainers scheduled to perform during the 25th season of Couture Fashion Week in New York are tango dancers Jose Delgadillo and Helen Wang. The mesmerizing dance duo will perform during the Andres Aquino fashion show at 8:00 pm on Saturday February 11, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan in New York City.

Jose Delgadillo and Helen Wang are a young tango couple who address the dance from an intimate relationship with the Argentine tango essence. The dancers convey passion, intensity, sensuality and emotion in their performances — all the things that remind audiences why they love the tango. They are a couple with unique backgrounds and personalities that always bring surprises to the audience.  They have performed in famous shows such as Rhythm and Passion and Dance Fever, among others. In 2013, they won top awards at the USA Tango Championship NYC “Stage” Tango. They were invited to perform and teach at the prestigious La Nacional milonga (a place where the tango is danced) in New York City, as well as at other renowned milongas in New Jersey (Milonga Viviana), and Long Island (Tango Lover), to name a few.

In 2016 Jose and Helen performed at the iconic Lincoln Center in New York City with a one-of-a-kind fusion dance of tango, salsa and Chinese elements. Among the audience members were Senator Chuck Schumer and Chinese celebrity Jin Xing.  Their show was featured by several major television stations including CCTV, TVB and Sinovision. In 2015 Jose and Helen were special guest performers at the USA Chinese American Beauty Pageant. In Argentina, they have studied independently and together with world tango maestros, including Eduardo Terrazas, Beatriz Herrera, Roberto Herrera, Ivan & Sara, Pablo Pugliese, Carlos De Chey, Julio Balmaceda, Corina de la Rosa, Pancho Martinez and Lorena Ermocida, Alejandra Gutty, and Guillermina Quiroga. They were also invited to showcase at milongas in Mendoza, Argentina, Jose’s hometown. Together, this rising couple brings their skills, passion and background in Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, Flamenco, and Folklore into the soulful Argentine Tango. They currently offer group and private tango lessons at major dance studios in Manhattan.

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Essence of Glamour Collection by Olga Alicea and Hector Musse at Couture Fashion Week

Olga Alicea and Hector Musse fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYThe latest collection by designers Olga Alicea and Hector Musse for their Atelier Musse label will be presented at Couture Fashion Week New York. Marking the Puerto Rican designers’ debut at the prestigious event, the fashion show will be held at 4:00 pm on Sunday February 12, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan in New York City.

Olga Alicea and Hector Musse are not simply fashion designers. They are also mother and son working in concert to create beautiful fashions for today’s elegant women and young people who love trendy designs. With Olga’s 30 years of experience and Hector’s 10 years of experience, together the pair creates art. At Couture Fashion Week, they will present their latest collection entitled “Essence of Glamour”, inspired by the floral essences and elegance of their beautiful native island of Puerto Rico. Special guest model during the fashion show will be Dalila Zapata, an exceptional young woman with Down’s Syndrome. Dalila is an award-winning model, makeup artist and TV personality, and has received accolades from the Governor and First Lady of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Secretary of Education, and the University of Puerto Rico, among others. She has modeled for many important designers including Paola Victoria, Michelle Ann, Mel Duran, Jackie Tejada and Marcos Carrazana.

Hector Musse’s interest in fashion design began at a young age, and he was encouraged and mentored by his mother. He learned to unleash his imagination to conceptualize and draw what would eventually become the reality of the dream of every woman: to dress and feel like a queen. Mr. Musse studied fashion, accessory and jewelry design at the Academia D’Elegant in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. In 2004 he was the recipient of the Kermesse de la Moda award in San Juan.  In 2009 fulfilled his goal of studying at the prestigious academy of Lisa Thon, where he was awarded for his work. Hector Musse believes that fashion should be designed and adapted to the personality of each woman, and so each of his designs is unique and unrepeated. He has an atelier in the city of San Germán, Puerto Rico.

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Diana Mahrach Brings Luxury Designs to Couture Fashion Week

Diana Mahrach Couture fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYIn her debut showing at Couture Fashion Week, New York-based designer Diana Mahrach will present her latest collection for her signature label on the runway at 6:00 pm on Saturday February 11, 2017. Part of the 25th season of the prestigious event, the show will be held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan.

Diana Mahrach Couture stands for luxury, quality and heritage, and it is known for sophistication and eye-catching elegance. The collections exude elegance and integrity, with a fashion-forward vision.

Diana Mahrach started working as a teenager in 1996 as a fabric consultant and fabric buyer in New York’s garment district. Her work with fabrics inspired Ms. Mahrach to begin designing evening wear for her clients. She has always loved beautiful fashion silhouettes and high quality design, focusing primarily on high couture evening and bridal wear. She also has a great passion for exquisite fabrics.  Today she is an established couture and textile designer and owns a number of fabrics stores. Her fabrics give her the inspiration and the passion for the sophisticated elegant lines she has been creating throughout her her career.

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Designer Houda El Fechka Eddiouane Brings Creations of Romance and Elegance to Couture Fashion Week

Houda El Fechka Eddiouane fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYDesigner Houda El Fechka Eddiouane will present her latest collection on the runway during Couture Fashion Week New York‘s 25th season. Marking the acclaimed designer’s debut at the prestigious event, the fashion show will be held at 8:00 pm on Sunday February 12, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, in the heart of New York City.

Internationally known for her signature expressions of femininity, romance and elegance influenced by her roots, Dutch Moroccan haute couture designer Houda El Fechka Eddiouane has captivated the fashion world with her creative style and her consistent crafting of statement pieces admired as works of fashion art. Since childhood, she always dreamed of escaping to a world of fantasy. During her technical engineering studies, Houda discovered her innate passion for fashion design when she began sketching dresses to assist her mother who owned an atelier business with a growing clientele. Today, she enjoys an ever-growing haute couture clientele and has successfully established two ready-to-wear lines and Zahra Haute Couture by Houda Eddiouane. Taking her renowned talent into another realm of design, Houda anticipates the official launching of her accessories line in the near future.

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Pesvebi Dance Ensemble to Perform at Couture Fashion Week

Pesvebi Dance Ensemble at Couture Fashion Week NYAmong the world-class entertainers scheduled to perform during the 25th season of Couture Fashion Week in New York, is the Pesvebi dance ensemble. Pesvebi will perform during the Andres Aquino “Belle of the Ball” fashion show at 8:00 pm on Saturday February 11, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan in New York City.

Pesvebi is a dynamic dance ensemble, based in Brooklyn, NY, dedicated to the showcasing and preservation of traditional Georgian dance, culture and tradition. Pesvebi was founded by Shorena Barbakadze and Vano Goderdzishvili who emigrated from the Republic of Georgia to New York in 1998. After their son was born, they soon realized that children who were born in the USA of other Georgian immigrants in the area had a limited understanding of their heritage and lacked a community base. They went on to establish the Georgian Cultural Center in the USA, including the creation of the Pesvebi dance ensemble. Pesvebi quickly became popular — driven by hard work, creativity, dedication and community support. Today Pesvebi has a large membership of talented dancers, and a busy performance schedule including tours in the USA, Georgia and Europe. It enjoys the support of prominent dance professionals including Gaga Natsvlishvili, Gogita Tatulishvili, Gia Melkadze, and Aleko Nadareishvili. The Georgian Cultural Center in the USA has also grown, and now includes classes in Georgian language and literature, folk singing and instruments, ballet, piano, drama, art and voice, as well as tutoring in math and English.

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Celebrity Designer Mety Choa Set to Shine at Couture Fashion Week

Celebrity designer Mety Choa fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYInternational celebrity designer Mety Choa will make her debut at Couture Fashion Week New York with the showing of her latest inspired collection. Part of the prestigious event’s 25th season, the fashion show will be held at 8:00 pm on Saturday February 11, 2017 in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, in the heart of the Big Apple.

A native of Indonesia, Mety Choa had been fashion designer for over 10 years, following her dream  and passion as a couturier. Her ability to infuse edginess and sensuality into her designs sets her apart from others. Her creations celebrate the female form and bring out the best in every wearer. Ms. Choa attributes her avant-garde design sensibilities to her globe trotting past.

Mety Choa Haute Couture specializes in custom made wedding dresses, evening gowns and cocktail dresses, each uniquely crafted and designed to suit not only the occasion, but most importantly, to match the individual woman’s personality.

Mety Choa has successfully entered the coveted Hollywood arena, with her gowns being worn by celebrities including Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries) and supermodel Gigi Hadid at red carpet events, garnering media praise. Ms. Choa also has a growing worldwide clientele from Singapore to England, from Japan to the USA. She is now focusing on the American market by joining the Indonesia Fashion Gallery in New York.

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Meggie Hadiyanto To Show Collection Inspired by Legend at Couture Fashion Week

Meggie Hadiyanto fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYTop Indonesian fashion designer Meggie Hadiyanto will present her latest collection entitled “Wayang” during Couture Fashion Week in New York City. The highly-anticipated fashion show will be held at 6:00 pm on Saturday February 11, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan at the “Crossroads of the World.”

“Wayang” is a Javanese word for a theatrical performance with puppets or dancers. Ms. Hadiyanto’s design inspiration for this collection is one of the most famous wayang stories about Arjuna who had several goddess wives. This story is often portrayed in Indonesian art events through wayang performances. Through her stunning fashion creations, the designer strives to convey the values and themes of the story: romance, art, culture, heritage and the Javanese vernacular in a collection filled with elegance, glamour and allure. The color palette is a perfect complement to this vision: gold, bronze, rich brown, maroon, dark blue and black. The wayang is illustrated on the fabrics and in the meticulous embroidery.

Meggie Hadiyanto launched her fashion design career in 2009 with her first brand Zeevanco, focused on evening gowns and party dresses. The brand enjoyed great success, including sales through major Indonesian department stores SOGO and SEIBU. She has shown her designs at major fashion events including Hong Kong Fashion Week.

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Alexandra Popescu-York Returns to Couture Fashion Week with Modern Warrior Queen Collection

Alexandra Popescu-York fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYReturning to Couture Fashion Week New York for her seventh consecutive season, Manhattan-based top designer and artist Alexandra Popescu-York will present her latest collection entitled “Modern Warrior Queen.” Part of CFW’s 25th season, the Fall-Winter 2017 collection will be shown on the runway at 6:00 pm on Sunday February 12, 2017 in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York City.

Ms. Popescu-York’s latest audaciously-named collection pays dazzling tribute to today’s equally bold female figure who graciously reveals her barrier-breaking spirit with each conquest, made by her strong and generous soul, sensitive heart and inquisitive mind. This dramatic new couture collection, exclusively made in New York, seamlessly brings together the worlds of design and art. Ms. Popescu-York herself embodies the modern warrior queen spirit, through her talent, her striking, positive and modern designs, as well as her career accomplishments.

A native of Romania, Alexandra Popescu-York is a world-class creative force, acknowledged by the industry’s best early in her career. Among the numerous accolades she has garnered is Couture Fashion Show’s Best Designer title in September 2016 and the recent inclusion of her paintings in the United Nations’ 70th Anniversary International Art Exhibition in New York. Ms. Popescu-York’s humanitarian efforts have earned her the title “Ambassador of Good Hearts and Romanian Culture.” Ms. Popescu-York is also known as Alexandra Suciu in her double role as wife and mother.

Ms. Popescu-York’s creations are characterized by each piece’s symbolic depiction of finely selected themes. Recent themes include the capsule wardrobe collection of timeless essentials “Tour du Monde”; “Unleashed” (a rich collection of garments and accessories with a glamorous avant-garde look that is as edgy and unique as the emblematic New Yorker); “Âme de l’artiste” (soul of the artist); “Phoenix – The Legend”; “Metropolitan” (inspired by art, history and civilization highlights from the Metropolitan Museum of Art);  and “GranD’Or”, a collection based on Ms. Popescu-York’s own artistic creations.

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