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Meet FashionUnited’s Country Manager Niklas Gilroy

FashionUnited country manager Niklas GilroyFashionUnited is a valued Couture Fashion Week partner. Get to know FashionUnited’s country manager for the UK, US and Canada, Niklas Gilroy.

So you are the Country Manager for the UK, US and Canada at FashionUnited, what does this role entail?
I’m in charge of supporting our partners with Marketing and HR solutions. Together with my team, I consult fashion companies on Employer Branding or Marketing strategies and connect them with job seekers. This can happen via job postings in our career center, specific social media campaigns, newsletter features or other offers from the FashionUnited service portfolio. There is no standard approach, as every partner is different, that is why we offer tailor-made solutions. Therefore it is crucial to develop a clear understanding of what makes our partners unique and special to find suitable candidates for their specific company culture.

You also have a popular Instagram account and blog, so you have definitely been interested in fashion for a while. How come you decided to get even more involved in the industry?
I started my blog and Instagram during my business studies because I wanted to become an active part of the fashion scene. Both outlets provide me with a platform to communicate thoughts, interests and style ideas. Moreover, they are a great way to keep up-to date with current fashion events and to socialize with like-minded individuals around the world.

After my studies, I worked in the Luxury Beauty sector and then decided to join FashionUnited because I wanted to be part of a young and international team. As an Account Manager, I get to work with brands in all different segments of the fashion market which enables me to get a 360 view of the industry. Moreover, it is quite a fascinating task to assist companies with embracing Digital Media and the ever-growing importance of Employer Branding because there is still so much unused potential.

What advice do you have for others who want to break into the industry?
Get involved and try to gain work experience in the fashion industry. Internships are a great opportunity to get a first-hand impression of what the business side of fashion looks like. Moreover, I think it is essential to attend events and to be active on social media in order to build up a network. Nowadays, it is so easy to keep up to date with the latest news and become an active member of the fashion scene that it really is up to everyone to embrace those opportunities. What makes fashion so interesting is that there are many different ways of entering the industry: Whether you study a fashion-related degree or you come from a regular business/media background – you just need to be active and keep an eye out for interesting positions on websites like FashionUnited.

What do you think of the US fashion scene and what do you foresee becoming a major trend in 2017?
In my opinion, US designers are really making big moves at the moment because they are on the pulse of time when it comes to Digital Media and the current business realities of the fashion market. I think that more commercial designs like the current athleisure trend will stick around and many American designers are at the forefront of producing more affordable lines. Many US brands have been re-thinking their show schedules and started involving Social Media influencers in their design process which proves that they are willing to take on a pioneer position. Nonetheless, I believe that the Couture segment will always play an incredibly important role in the fashion world because that is where aspirational dreams and true craftsmanship are celebrated. In the end, fashion is an incredible art form and Couture designs are at the core of what makes it so special.

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How to Find a Job in Fashion-Tips from FashionUnited

FashionUnitedHow to find a job in fashion-tips from FashionUnitedHow to find a job in fashion

To work in fashion is a dream many people share. But besides the glamorous and creative side of the industry, it is also hard work. Here are some tips for how to find a job in fashion and how to succeed.

1. Know what you want
First it is important that you know what you want and define your goal. Think about your strengths and which position you want to achieve. Talk to people already working in the industry, read articles, stay in the loop to find the fashion profession that suits you. There are various job offers in fashion, so it might be good to regularly check the job portals. To simplify your job search look for platforms that focus on careers in fashion. You will be able to find more vacancies that are relevant for your search.

2. Make sure you are up to date
Whatever career path in the fashion industry you wish to follow, make sure you know what is happening within the industry at all times. This starts by being up to date with the latest fashion news around the globe. FashionUnited offers you the latest fashion news worldwide, for free! In this dynamic industry it is a good idea to subscribe to a newsletter to receive the information regularly and directly in your email account.

3. Know how to sell yourself
It is all about experience and know-how. Even though having attended an educational institution in fashion is really important, it is in no way a guarantee to finding a job. Most companies require hands on experience through internships or volunteering. On our career page you can also find various internships and junior positions to get first experiences in the
fashion industry.

If you already have experience, try to highlight it in your job application. Prepare yourself wisely and know your selling argument.

FashionUnited is a proud partner of Couture Fashion Week New York.

Learn More About Couture Fashion Week Partner FashionUnited

Lori Hernandez-FashionUnited Country Manager for USA and CanadaInterview with FashionUnited Country Manager Lori Hernandez

Couture Fashion Week is partnering with FashionUnited for the third time in 2016. What a great occasion to interview Lori Hernandez, Country Manager for the USA and Canada to tell us more about our valued partner.

Lori, for those who don’t know FashionUnited yet, what do you do?
FashionUnited is an online B2B platform for the fashion industry. We provide fashion professionals with the latest industry news, fashion jobs, business intelligence and many other services. FashionUnited is kind of a one-stop-shop destination for everything that you need to know if your heart beats “fashion”.

How did FashionUnited begin?
Our CEO, Lennard Minderhoud, formerly worked as an agent for a sportswear brand and noticed a lack of one platform that offers various services that are crucial for fashion professionals, so FashionUnited was born! Those working in fashion have busy schedules, therefore providing one platform with multiple services and features is very convenient and time efficient. You can visit FashionUnited if you are looking for a new professional challenge but also if you would like to be in the know about what is going on in the industry.

What is your role at FashionUnited?
I am the FashionUnited Country Manager for the USA and Canada. In this role I take care of different marketing and HR tasks. For instance, I support and consult fashion companies that are looking for a new employee. Employer branding is also a vital part of my work. Companies want to share insights into the company culture and values to attract the candidates that can relate to it and see themselves working there. Apart from working closely with fashion companies, I’m also in touch with fashion trade fairs and other crucial industry events.

Couture Fashion Week is also featured on FashionWeekWeb. Can you tell us more about it?
FashionWeekWeb is a platform that is dedicated to fashion week news. We noticed a need for one website with Fashion Week content. FashionWeekWeb is the result. Our editors report from Fashion Weeks around the globe, from Fiji to New York. Super exciting!

You are the country manager for the USA and Canada, are you active in other countries?
Yes, FashionUnited was founded in the Netherlands in 1998. Almost 20 years later we are active all around the world. We serve fashion professionals in more than 20 countries by offering them our services.

More information: FashionUnited.com and FashionWeekWeb.com

FashionUnited is a One-Stop-Shop Platform

FashionUnitedFashionUnited, the independent international B2B fashion platform, is always striving for more fun and efficiency in fashion. The recently revamped FashionUnited.com is a one-stop-shop platform where visitors can find the latest fashion news, a career center, an events calendar, various trade statistics, employer branding pages and more. Globally active, the website reaches more than 1.6 million industry professionals per month.

FashionUnited believes that sharing is caring. The FashionUnited Network is where fashion professionals can connect, discuss and share ideas. The Fashion Education Network gives future fashion professionals all the information they need while taking their first steps in the fashion world.
Besides fun and efficiency, the Fashion United team likes convenience. Therefore fashion professionals can browse their local website in their native language, without getting lost in translation. Did you know that the online B2B fashion platform is already active in more than 25 countries?

Recently, FashionUnited got a new website look that has been adapted to all FashionUnited pages. Get a taste of fashion, visit FashionUnited.com and enjoy the new look.

Fashion United is a valued partner of Couture Fashion Week.