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How to Find a Job in Fashion-Tips from FashionUnited

FashionUnitedHow to find a job in fashion-tips from FashionUnitedHow to find a job in fashion

To work in fashion is a dream many people share. But besides the glamorous and creative side of the industry, it is also hard work. Here are some tips for how to find a job in fashion and how to succeed.

1. Know what you want
First it is important that you know what you want and define your goal. Think about your strengths and which position you want to achieve. Talk to people already working in the industry, read articles, stay in the loop to find the fashion profession that suits you. There are various job offers in fashion, so it might be good to regularly check the job portals. To simplify your job search look for platforms that focus on careers in fashion. You will be able to find more vacancies that are relevant for your search.

2. Make sure you are up to date
Whatever career path in the fashion industry you wish to follow, make sure you know what is happening within the industry at all times. This starts by being up to date with the latest fashion news around the globe. FashionUnited offers you the latest fashion news worldwide, for free! In this dynamic industry it is a good idea to subscribe to a newsletter to receive the information regularly and directly in your email account.

3. Know how to sell yourself
It is all about experience and know-how. Even though having attended an educational institution in fashion is really important, it is in no way a guarantee to finding a job. Most companies require hands on experience through internships or volunteering. On our career page you can also find various internships and junior positions to get first experiences in the
fashion industry.

If you already have experience, try to highlight it in your job application. Prepare yourself wisely and know your selling argument.

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