Slovak Fashion Night Partners with Couture Fashion Week New York

Slovak Fashion Night Partners with Couture Fashion Week New YorkThe 12th Annual Slovak Fashion Night will be held during Couture Fashion Week New York at 8 pm on Saturday September 9, 2017. The special show is entitled “Blue Danube Soiree” and will present the latest collections by four outstanding designers: Veronika Kopálová, Laura Sporerová,  Rebecca Deak Justh and Cliché by Jelena Pirkmajer. Part of CFW’s 26th season, the fashion show will be held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, Manhattan, during the Fall New York Fashion Week.

Slovak Fashion Night (SFN) is an original project that has become the most important presentation of Slovak culture and art on the American continent. The project was initiated by the +421 Foundation in cooperation with the Consulate General of Slovakia in New York and Couture Fashion Week New York. Its aim is to present Slovakia in the center of world trade, finance and the fashion industry in an attractive and modern way. The event is an opportunity for young artists and designers who are courageous, reject artistic stereotypes, and use their creative ideas to enrich individual genres of culture and art – not just in Slovakia, but also in settings where they can command attention in a great international forum at the center of the world, like New York City.

This season’s show will include the participation of acting Miss Universe Zuzana Kollárová, who personifies the charm and beauty of Slovak women. Designers Veronika Kopálová and Laura Sporerová are winners of the “Young Talents” competition, and are sure to enchant the New York audience with their cutting edge artistic creations.

The SFN show will be followed by the presentation of the latest collection by American designer and CFW founder, Andres Aquino. Mr. Aquino recently commented for the media: “I believe New Yorkers will appreciate the extraordinary fusion of cultures, fashion and other cultural genres on the runway of Couture Fashion Week this season.”

After the exceptionally successful collaboration between the +421 Foundation and the Slovenian Ambassador, Bernarda Gradišnik, for International Fashion Night 2017, which took place in Bratislava in April, the organizers decided to invite Slovenia and its artists as a guest country to SFN in New York. The Slovenian ambassador in Bratislava, a well-known supporter of culture and young artists, remarked: “New York provides a great opportunity to present top artistic creations and enrich world events with a new dimension in the interconnection of cultures and cooperation between different countries. At the same time, it will be a great opportunity to show the similarity or difference between our two countries, which are also close for the interesting form of names that causes frequent confusion of countries and their art.” Slovenia’s visit to SFN makes it possible for New York audiences to understand the uniqueness of these two successful modern EU member states from Central Europe and attract the attention of American media.

“Culture is the best marketing tool that every country has to offer; it just needs to be used correctly,” says Eva Staronova, the president of the +421 Foundation from New York. Together with the organizers, they plan to invite the most important representatives of American political and social life to the event. Among these representatives are Melania Trump, First Lady of the United States, and a native of Slovenia, as well as Ivana Trump, a native of the former Czechoslovakia.

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