Cuero Design by Paulina Canas is Fashion with a Heart

Cuero Design by Paulina Canas fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYChilean designer Paulina Canas will present the latest vibrant collection for her Cuero Design label in New York during the 25th season of Couture Fashion Week. Marking the designer’s debut at the prestigious event, the fashion show will be held at 8:00 pm on Friday February 10, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, at the “Crossroads of the World.” Cuero Design will also showcase its designs in the exhibit area for all days of the event, February 10-12, 2017.

Paulina Canas of Cuero Design and recipients of the Beautiful Wardribe charitiable initiative
Designer Paulina Canas with some of the recipients of the “Beautiful Wardrobe” program.

The distinctive Cuero Design pieces invite women to live an experience of being in touch with their femininity, sensuality and natural beauty. The Cuero Design collection consists of a women’s apparel and accessories line manufactured in three types of genuine leather: goat, sheep and bovine. All items are handmade in Argentina and Chile. The high quality pieces feature bright colors and fine light weight construction. The reversible design allows for a versatile formal or casual look, perfectly suited for the contemporary and elegant woman’s unique style.

Designer Paulina Canas believes her role as a clothing designer is to draw from the fruits of her success and share it. In that spirit, Ms. Canas donates a percentage of her sales to Hogar Padre Pio, part of the Fundacion Las Rosas, in Valdivia, Chile. This effort supports the purchases of a “Beautiful Wardrobe” for elderly women who are vulnerable and living in nursing homes. “This worthy cause helps revitalize the femininity, dignity and self-esteem of these wonderful women,” says the designer.

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