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Latest Collection by LeViCo Features Exquisite Masterpiece Fabrics

LeViCo fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYProminent Indonesian fashion brand LeViCo will present a stunning collection of handcrafted masterpiece designs during the next Couture Fashion Week New York. The much-anticipated fashion show will be held at 4:00 pm on Sunday September 10, 2017 in the Broadway Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, in New York City.

The creative and entrepreneurial force behind the LeViCo brand is founder and designer Julie S. Laiskodat. Launched in 2012, LeViCo is a showroom, boutique and fashion label focused on fostering and promoting the exquisite hand woven fabrics of the Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) province of Indonesia to both the domestic and international markets. These beautiful fabrics are perfectly suited for use in fashion designs as well as interior design. They consist of a wide array of patterns, colors and textures. Each tribe (suku) creates fabrics with their own special techniques, meanings and symbolism inspired by the natural world including animals, elemental forces, Mother Earth, myths, social representations, cultural events and more.

Through the support of LeViCo, these extraordinarily gifted weavers are preserving their timeless traditions and cultural heritage, passing them on to the upcoming generations. LeViCo has presented its collections at prestigious fashion events including New York Fashion Week, Indonesia Fashion, Jakarta Fashion Week and more.

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Decy Ramona Presents Collection Inspired by South Sulawesi Tradition ‘BarreAllo’ at Couture Fashion Week NY

Tyramona by Decy Ramona fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYEmerging Indonesian fashion designer Decy Ramona will unveil her latest collection entitled “BarreAllo” (Sunrise) for her TYRAMONA label during Couture Fashion Week New York’s upcoming 26th season. The fashion show will be held at 4:00 pm on Saturday September 9, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York City.

Decy Ramona, owner of TYRAMONA Indonesia, brings to life the splendor, tradition, heritage and pride of Indonesia’s South Sulawesi region. This area is world-renowned for its exquisite carvings and art featuring a delicate balance of strength and beauty. The richness of South Sulawesi’s weaving (tenun) is well-known, although few people think of South Sulawesi when they think of batik. The Toraja people of South Sulawesi use many symbols to represent their traditional life. A sunrise (“Barreallo” in their dialect) symbolizes bringing happiness and blessings to one’s life.

Through her designs, Decy Ramona embodies the deep essence of Indonesia’s rich traditions, bringing them to life in beautiful and practical apparel. TYRAMONA builds upon South Sulawesi’s heritage, blending its batik and cultural symbols with other fabrics, leather, and bright colors to create truly unique fashions.

Decy Ramona launched her fashion career in 2011 and has grown her business to include brands for women, men, and children. Her designs have enjoyed enormous success and TYRAMONA has rapidly grown from a single outlet in Jakarta to a combination of business owned/leased stores and placements now in more than 12 locations in Jakarta, Makassar, and Toraja.  Ms. Ramona has showcased her designs at the Rich Heritage of Indonesia Fashion Show in Amsterdam, Fashion World Tokyo, and Expose Asia in Kuala Lumpur, among others important fashion events.

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Let’s Travel Design to Show ‘Gaya Means Style” Collection at Couture Fashion Week NY

Let's Travel Design by Gitawidya Nurbidayah fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NY

Indonesian designer Gitawidya Nurbidayah will present the latest collection for her Let’s Travel Design brand during the 26th season of Couture Fashion Week New York. The runway show will be held at 6:00 pm on Saturday September 9, 2017 in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, at the “Crossroads of the World.”

Let’s Travel Design’s latest collection is entitled “GAYA means STYLE.” It features the style and the taste of modern modest fashion through a bright and intense color palette of blue, green, red and gold along with glamorous designs and ethnic Indonesian patterns. The collection is enhanced with embroidery, printing, stitching, and leather, and also includes beautiful handmade accessories such as  clutches and shoes fabricated by local craftspeople.

Gita launched her career in fashion in 2015 creating scarves and shawls. At the request of her growing clientele, she expanded her collections to include clothing. Let’s Travel Design is characterized by its own unique style that is simple and comfortable, with bold patterns and colors.

Let’s Travel Design fashions are available at its signature boutique in South Jakarta and at its boutique  at the Galeri Indonesia WOW, SMESCO Building in Jakarta. Gita’s savvy marketing strategies include allowing her millennial clients, and others, easy access to her collections through social media such as her personal Facebook, Facebook Fanpage and Instagram (@letstravel_design).

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Latest Collection by Malaysian Designer Sara Jamaludin Features Exquisite Songket Fabrics

Sara Jamaludin fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYRising Malaysian design star Sara Jamaludin will make her debut at Couture Fashion Week New York with the presentation of her latest collection. Part of CFW’s 26th season, the fashion show will be held at 8:00 pm on Friday September 8, 2017 in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 1605 Broadway, in the heart of the Big Apple.

Sara Jamaludin is a fashion graduate of University Teknologi Mara (UiTM). She launched her signature brand in 2011 and has been consistently building it ever since. In 2015 she opened her ‘Sara J’ boutique in TTDI Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. Sara J is a versatile label that includes modest wear, ready-to-wear, resort wear, bridal wear and demi couture. Sara J designs have been showcased at numerous  fashion shows locally and internationally since 2014. Sara Jamaludin aspires to take her brand to another level this year by participating in Couture Fashion Week New York. 

For the New York event, Sara J will present a special modernized collection featuring the traditional Songket fabrics of Malaysia. These exquisite and luxurious fabrics have traditionally been used in the finest fashion designs for special occasions, religious festivals, weddings and other social functions. Sara J has incorporated these beautiful fabrics into highly-wearable every day and demi couture designs.

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Opera Recycles Presented by Opera Carolina is Eco-Friendly Fashion

Opera Recycles presented by Opera Carolina eco-friendly fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYOpera Recycles presented by Opera Carolina will show a special eco-friendly fashion collection during Couture Fashion Week New York‘s 26th season. The highly anticipated runway show will be held at 4:00 pm on Saturday September 9, 2017 in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 1605 Broadway, New York City.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Opera Carolina has been a prestigious community institution for over 40 years. In 2015 Opera Carolina launched a new recycling initiative, Opera Recycles, with the intent to put outdated and extraneous printed marketing collateral to a creative and beautiful use. Since the initiative launched, more than 10,500 items of marketing material have been converted into eco-friendly fashion pieces. Through this initiative, Opera Carolina demonstrates its commitment to environmental consciousness and creative thinking. This innovative and strategic effort fosters interest and awareness in Opera Carolina as a cultural Charlotte institution and encourages creative and out-of-the-box thinking in regards to environmental problems facing organizations today.

Designers for the Opera Recycles initiative include both local and non-local artists. Keeping local artists engaged is an important part of the Opera Recycles initiative as it provides cross-promotional opportunities for the designers as well as Opera Carolina. The Opera Recycles initiative generates excitement for the upcoming Opera season as well as creative solutions to environmental problems. Last year, Opera Recycles participated in Couture Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week, featuring a dress designed by Garbage Gone Glam. This year, Opera Recycles was invited back to CFW to produce its very own fashion show featuring its whole collection. Opera Recycles will also be partnering again with local fashion organization, Charlotte Seen, and feature its dresses for 2017/18 at the Charlotte Fashion Week in September.

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Designer Carlos Benguigui Blends Avant Garde and Classic for Men and Women

Carlos Benguigui fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYVenezuelan designer Carlos Benguigui will present his latest inspired collection for men and women during Couture Fashion Week New York‘s 26th season. Marking the acclaimed designer’s first appearance at the prestigious event, the fashion show will be held at 8:00 pm on Sunday September 10, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 1605 Broadway, New York City.

A native of Spain, designer Carlos Benguigui is a top fashion designer in his adopted country of Venezuela. His impeccably tailored designs for men and women skillfully blend the avant garde with  the classic in a unique internationally-inspired style. In addition to his formal, bridal and casual fashions, Mr. Benguigui also designs accessories of the highest quality. His creations often include beautiful details like embroidery and fringe, and are crafted of the finest fabrics.

Carlos Benguigui studied fashion design in Miami, going on to open his first boutique in Venezuela. He launched his signature brand in 2006 with a stunning collection of evening wear and bridal designs for the bride looking to be a “diva” on the most special day of her life. Through the opening of various boutiques in Venezuela as well as his participation in numerous fashion events in New York and other cities, Mr. Benguigui has become a “go to” designer for men and women looking for elegant, stylish yet cutting edge fashions. His client list includes many top celebrities and socialites.

Carlos Benguigui has received numerous awards and accolades during his 20+ year fashion design career, and is a champion of the best in Venezuelan fashion and design.

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Rising Australian Design Star Azulant Akora to Show at Couture Fashion Week NY

Azulant Akora fashion show at Couture Fashion Week New YorkIn her first appearance at Couture Fashion Week New York, Australian designer Azulant Akora will present her latest collection at 6 pm on Friday September 8, 2017. Part of the prestigious event’s 26th season, the runway show will be held in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, at the “Crossroads of the World.”

Azulant Akora is recognized for her unique and contemporary use of fine Australian merino wool. Merino carries with it the Australian story and spirit, something that inspires Azulant with every collection.

The Azulant Akora signature brand was launched in 2014 at the Celebration of African Australians to widespread critical acclaim. Fashion design is in the young designer’s DNA, as Azulant learned to sew from her mother, Lesley who designed and crafted her own evening clothes. While studying for her law degree at Edith Cowan University, Azulant continued to pursue her passion for fashion through private studies in fashion design. In 2013 Azulant made her debut on the Australian fashion scene, garnering a highly coveted award at The Australian Wool Fashion Awards. The following year she again presented her designs at the event to positive reviews and received first place in the Formal Wear category, which was judged by a prestigious panel that included iconic Australian fashion designer Akira. Azulant’s classic red “Gabriella” gown, made entirely of fine Australian merino wool, earned her a spot at  Melbourne Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, closing the Live Rural Show. 

In 2015 Azulant Akora was invited to present the closing show at the prestigious LA Fashion Week Design Competition with her bird-themed collection entitled ‘Birds of Paradise.’ Following the success in Los Angeles, Azulant secured two important international stockists in Malaysia and is in talks with boutiques in the United States. In 2016 Azulant was invited to showcase her merino wool garments in an exclusive runway show for the WA Farmers Federation gala dinner and awards night at The Pan Pacific Hotel Perth. 2017 kicked off with key milestones for Azulant Akora. From opening a flagship boutique to showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week twice and participating in Wool Week 2017.

Azulant Akora has been featured in many prominent publications including Australian Financial Review, The West Australian, Countryman Magazine, Nickii Jean Magazine and British Vogue, as well as the Australian Wool Innovation publication Beyond The Bale. Her distinguished and celebrity clientele includes Vogue Italia cover girl Ayor Makur, Samantha Sepulveda, and Nicole Jean Alexander, founder of Nickii Jean Magazine USA.

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Wonderful Indonesia with Kriya Brings Outstanding Designers to Couture Fashion Week NY

Wonderful Indonesia with Kriya designers Geraldus Sugeng, Dwika and Silka Mitrasari fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYWonderful Indonesia with KRIYA is pleased to partner with Couture Fashion Week New York in presenting the latest creations by 3 outstanding designers: Silka Mitrasari, Dwika and Geraldus Sugeng. Part of CFW’s 26th season, the fashion show will be held at 6 pm on Friday September 8, 2017 in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, in the heart of the Big Apple.

GERALDUS SUGENG is a luxury ready-to-wear fashion brand founded in 2000 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Mr. Sugeng has shown his exceptional designs on the runway at many fashion events across Indonesia. His talent, hard work and passion have brought him great success. With a vision to advance the Indonesian Fashion Industry and a mission to help benefit his local community, Geraldus Sugeng’s collections are innovative and impeccably crafted, with a wide appeal.

SILKA is Muslim fashion label by Indonesian designer Silka Mitrasari. The launch of the label marked the beginning of her career as a fashion designer in 2013. The beauty of flowers is the main feature of SILKA’s designs. In promoting her fashion brand, Silka has been involved in multiple fashion shows, in Indonesia and overseas. In September 2016, she participated in a fashion show in New York City organized by the ASC New York Fashion Week. SILKA’s designs have been well-received, not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries such as Malaysia and the United States.

Dwi Rahayu is a self-made businesswoman who started her own fashion business 20 years ago. She founded her own brand DWIKA, and early on specialized in the production of stylish uniforms for private sector and government institutions. She always chooses the best quality fabrics to use in her collection and Dwika’s focus is on modest designs for Muslim women. Her business coverage has grown from regional to nationwide, and she is now poised to expand internationally. She has shown her designs on the runway at numerous fashion events since 2014, and currently operates several boutiques in Indonesia with a loyal and growing clientele.

About Kriya. It all started from the desire to help others. Kriya Indonesia was built on the foundation of assisting SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) partners to gain wider market access, crossing district borders, crossing sea borders and crossing international borders. SMEs are one of the main pillars of the Indonesian economy, creating jobs, maintaining economic stability, and bringing in foreign revenue. Kriya Indonesia is an e-commerce platform dedicated to fostering market growth for SMEs. With the concept of ‘Everything You Need’, Kriya Indonesia provides a platform for products in multiple industries: Fashion, Agriculture, Furniture and Handicrafts. Every item is unique, authentic and high-quality, and shopping on Kriya Indonesia is a memorable experience.

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Designer Ariel Cedeno Brings Latest Vibrant Collection to Couture Fashion Week

Designer Ariel Cedeno fashion show at Couture Fashion Week NYDominican designer Ariel Cedeno will return to Couture Fashion Week New York with the presentation of his latest inspired collection. Part of the prestigious event’s 26th season, the fashion show will be held at 8:00 pm on Sunday September 10, 2017 in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 1605 Broadway, New York City.

Ariel Cedeno is one of the Dominican Republic’s top fashion designers. His creations have been featured in many important publications in Europe and the Americas, and he has presented his collections on the runways of major fashion events in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome and New York, as well as in the Dominican Republic. He served as Creative Director for Tous, one of Spain’s major fashion accessories brands before launching his own label. In addition to designing for his own fashion line, Mr. Cedeno is also an accomplished theater costume designer. He designed the costumes for famed Spanish dancer and choreographer Sara Baras in her acclaimed production of Carmen, and most recently he is designing the costumes for the film Godzilla: King of Monsters currently being filmed in Atlanta. In addition, he is part of the team designing the costumes for Jennifer Lopez’s (J Lo) current Las Vegas production.

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Slovak Fashion Night Partners with Couture Fashion Week New York

Slovak Fashion Night Partners with Couture Fashion Week New YorkThe 12th Annual Slovak Fashion Night will be held during Couture Fashion Week New York at 8 pm on Saturday September 9, 2017. The special show is entitled “Blue Danube Soiree” and will present the latest collections by four outstanding designers: Veronika Kopálová, Laura Sporerová,  Rebecca Deak Justh and Cliché by Jelena Pirkmajer. Part of CFW’s 26th season, the fashion show will be held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, Manhattan, during the Fall New York Fashion Week.

Slovak Fashion Night (SFN) is an original project that has become the most important presentation of Slovak culture and art on the American continent. The project was initiated by the +421 Foundation in cooperation with the Consulate General of Slovakia in New York and Couture Fashion Week New York. Its aim is to present Slovakia in the center of world trade, finance and the fashion industry in an attractive and modern way. The event is an opportunity for young artists and designers who are courageous, reject artistic stereotypes, and use their creative ideas to enrich individual genres of culture and art – not just in Slovakia, but also in settings where they can command attention in a great international forum at the center of the world, like New York City.

This season’s show will include the participation of acting Miss Universe Zuzana Kollárová, who personifies the charm and beauty of Slovak women. Designers Veronika Kopálová and Laura Sporerová are winners of the “Young Talents” competition, and are sure to enchant the New York audience with their cutting edge artistic creations.

The SFN show will be followed by the presentation of the latest collection by American designer and CFW founder, Andres Aquino. Mr. Aquino recently commented for the media: “I believe New Yorkers will appreciate the extraordinary fusion of cultures, fashion and other cultural genres on the runway of Couture Fashion Week this season.”

After the exceptionally successful collaboration between the +421 Foundation and the Slovenian Ambassador, Bernarda Gradišnik, for International Fashion Night 2017, which took place in Bratislava in April, the organizers decided to invite Slovenia and its artists as a guest country to SFN in New York. The Slovenian ambassador in Bratislava, a well-known supporter of culture and young artists, remarked: “New York provides a great opportunity to present top artistic creations and enrich world events with a new dimension in the interconnection of cultures and cooperation between different countries. At the same time, it will be a great opportunity to show the similarity or difference between our two countries, which are also close for the interesting form of names that causes frequent confusion of countries and their art.” Slovenia’s visit to SFN makes it possible for New York audiences to understand the uniqueness of these two successful modern EU member states from Central Europe and attract the attention of American media.

“Culture is the best marketing tool that every country has to offer; it just needs to be used correctly,” says Eva Staronova, the president of the +421 Foundation from New York. Together with the organizers, they plan to invite the most important representatives of American political and social life to the event. Among these representatives are Melania Trump, First Lady of the United States, and a native of Slovenia, as well as Ivana Trump, a native of the former Czechoslovakia.

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