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Celine Pellerin Fine Art

Celine Pellerin

A native of St. Aubert, Canada, Celine Pellerin has applied her creative talents to many artistic endeavors including drawing, crafts, hairdressing, sewing, and painting. A mother of two, she has a degree in technical industrial engineering and is a certified therapist in neuro-linguistic programming. A self-taught artist, Ms. Pellerin has created drawings for the Children's Wish Foundation and has contributed her talents to several other causes. Her artistic passion is increasingly devoted to painting and acrylic is her preferred medium, although she has done many pieces in wood, glass, metal, plastic and fabric as well as canvas. The character of her art changes depending on the medium. She worked for six years with the St-Jean Port-Joli art shop, while also pursuing her own works. In 2007 she opened her own art shop.

Ms. Pellerin’s work has been exhibited at galleries in Quebec, Canada, Italy, New York, Brazil and the Cote d’Azur in France. Her comments were requested by a painter for an art book in India and she was recently selected for inclusion in a book combining visual arts and poetry in 2014, Quebec. She has participated in many national and international exhibitions.

For Celine Pellerin, being an artist is the pleasure of painting the world in her own way... and hoping that her world enchants you.
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Melanie Ezra Fine Art

Melanie Ezra

Melanie Ezra is a UK-based fine artist who uses her own original photos to create beautiful and intricate collages. She often works in series, providing visual responses to external stimuli such as literature, science, and music. Her collages and photographic works have been shown at Studio Voltaire London, as well as galleries in Germany, Italy, Brazil, and several shows in New York and Minnesota. Her work is in private collections worldwide. Her output is prolific, as is her inclusion in shows both internationally and in the UK. In 2014 alone she is featured in 18 group shows, curated 4 UK exhibitions, and shown as a solo artist in Shrewsbury UK. Ms. Ezra's artworks are often tiny and rarely larger than 4” x 4”. Each collage is a physical reconstruction using tweezers and scalpel, meticulously recreated in painstaking detail. By reworking with her own imagery she questions the veracity and accuracy of a memory of original experiences. Each collage narrates differing qualities and interpretations on what can be considered the truth. The artist alters and amends details so subtly that the viewer often has to look twice to believe what they are seeing. The imperceptible layers of paper, beads, and occasionally pins, give an almost 3D single plane effect which reanimates the photograph on which it is based. The deconstructed subject matter becomes almost irrelevant since it is the effect of the reconstruction that the viewer is inevitably drawn to.

Ms. Ezra describes herself as a “renegade arts experimentalist” and is happy dabbling in anything that pushes her work to the limit and broadens her own potential.  More information:  

Esperanza Tielbaard

Esperanza Tielbaard is a native of Colombia who now resides in New York State. She specializes in creating figurative, landscape, and contemporary abstracts. Her dynamic paintings celebrate the elegance and rich geography of her home country and evoke the mysteries of Colombia’s ancient civilizations. Bold geometric lines capture lyrical rhythms while deep acrylics mimic mountains and the ever-changing beauty of the landscape. Her paintings are fueled by a passion for the natural world and its abundance. A multi-disciplinary artist, Ms. Tielbaard uses many modern materials as well as metallic acrylic paints to create her pieces.  Ms. Tielbaard attended the Conservatorio Antonio Maria Valencia of Fine Arts in Cali, Colombia, and won the Memorial Prize as part of the Associated Artists of Central NY members show 2011 and 2012. The artist has exhibited throughout the Americas and in the UK. Ms. Tielbaard’s work has been published on several group and solo collectives and exhibits.

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Alexandra Popescu-York Fine Art Alexandra Popescu-York

A world of art, fashion and beauty.

Alexandra Popescu-York is a Romanian born, New York based artist and designer.  Her art work is emotional, vivid and symbolic, combining her design work in the fashion industry with a true passion for painting.  Ms. Popescu-York has created a style uniquely her own, a bridge between fashion and art.

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Fine art by Oksana Tanasiv Oksana Tanasiv

Oksana Tanasiv is Ukrainian-born American artist known as an Artist of Fashion who recreates fashion as a 3-dimensional art form through the use of fabric and SwarovskiŽ crystals on canvas.

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Artist Lin Mei Lin Mei

Lin Mei was born in Shanghai, and graduated from Shanghai Fine Arts College. He is member of Association of Shanghai Fine Artists and taught oil painting at Shanghai Fine Arts College. In 1989 Lin Mei came to the USA as a visiting scholar at University of St. Cloud, Minnesota. Currently Lin Mei resides in Long Island, New York.

Lin Mei is well-known for his still lifes, figure and portrait art. His work is characterized by a very realistic style and bright colors. A number of his paintings of country women, Tibetan girls and customs have received praise from prominent Chinese artists. His art has been shown in national art shows in China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and Denmark. He has also had solo exhibitions at St. Cloud University and Yale University. In 2010, his work was critically acclaimed at the "Shanghai-New York-Shanghai Four Artists Show”. He held a solo show in 2011 at Shanghai's MongTian Gallery.

Artist Guoguang He Guoguang He

A native of Shanghai, Guoguang He is a member of the Association of Shanghai Fine Artists. He served as Chief Art Editor of a prominent magazine in his native country, and his widely published art works are frequently selected by national and local art expos in China. He has won many prizes and appeared on programs of CCTV (China Central TV) and Shanghai TV Channel.

Mr. He immigrated to the USA in 1994 where his works have also been shown at  many art expos, including a one man show at Yale University. In 2010, he was one of the four artists to hold an art show at the Shanghai Art Academy, and in 2012, he was one of two artists to hold an art show at the World Journal Gallery.

In his art, Mr. He uses ink as material, and concentrates on abstract subjects and human beings. His paintings are very unique in terms of color, imagination and personal sentiment. He uses Chinese traditional painting skills to reflect the modern world, and to express the human spirit. His paintings are for art, not for formality.

JetArt fine art at Couture Fashion Week New York Jet Art

Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt continues the unique jet engine art technique pioneered by her late husband, world renowned expressionist Prince Jurgen Von Anhalt. Featured on “Good Morning America” and the Discovery Channel, Prince Von Anhalt’s art has been acquired by collectors worldwide. Princess Tarinan has extended Jet Art into luxury fashion, creating an innovative line of denims which  debuted on the Couture Fashion Week runway in February 2012.

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The audience, designers, models and other CFW
participants enjoyed making their unique contributions
to the mural with
artist Zhang Wenxiang.
Zhang Wenxiang

Zhang Wenxiang is widely regarded as one of China’s most outstanding living artists. His fresh and chic style is a combination of China’s North and South Schools and fuses the strength of the ancestral painters of the East and West. His paintings are well-known for their rich poetic content. His work has been exhibited around the world at prestigious exhibitions and collections including Zhongnanhai, People’s Great Hall, the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, United Nations headquarters, and the Xu Beihong Memorial, to name just a few. He has received over 50 top awards from art exhibitions over the years. His masterwork, Overlooking Old Hometown, which was included in the 2008 Olympic International Collection, was auctioned for RMB 2.3 million (US$370,000). Mr. Zhang has been received by many world leaders who collect his works, including Hua Guofeng, Deng Xiaopeng, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jiantao, Ronald Reagan, Vladimir Putin, and many more.  Read more...

Melody of Rain

Zenith of Time

Michael Cheval

Absurdity is the starting point of Michael Cheval's  creations. He identifies his art with the Theater of the Absurd of Beckett and Ionesco, and with the films of Greenaway and Bunuel.

A world-renowned and award-winning artist, Michael Cheval showed an extraordinary talent for drawing at an early age, encouraged by his grandfather, a professional artist and sculptor. He  lived, studied and worked  in Germany and Turkmenistan as well as his native Russia, before emigrating to the USA in the late 1990's. He  gathered  artistic inspiration and developed  his unique style and direction along the way.

 In 1998, Michael Cheval became a member of the esteemed New York National Arts Club, where in 2000 he was recognized with the Exhibition Committee Award at the annual club exhibition.  He  regularly exhibits at various New York and European galleries, as well as at International Art Expo held annually at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York.

He is a member of Society for Art of Imagination (London, UK) and participates in annual European exhibitions held by the Association.  In 2009 he was the recipient of the Palm Art Award from the Jury and Art Domain Gallery in Leipzig. His art has been featured in a number of books including Dreamscape , a compilation of the work of the world's top 50 surrealist artists, and the Best Of Worldwide Artists Volume I (Kennedy Publishing, USA). In 2003 Michael’s first monograph album Lullabies was published in collaboration with Interart Gallery, and in 2007, he published his second album, Nature Of Absurdity, that defines his singular artistic vision.

Michael Cheval recently completed the official portrait commissioned by world-renowned actress and artist Gina Lollobrigida.

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Ireland Galleries

Lorene Ireland is a sculptor and painter with a degree in painting and design. Her creations combine  her love of fashion and fine art figurative  work and include sculpture, mosaics, jewelry and painting as well as unique wall and wearable art sculptures.

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Igor Zaytsev

The work of Ukraine-born artist Igor Zaytsev may appear realistic or abstract but in reality are extractions - the combination of two extremes. The works ask the viewer to question what they are seeing: something realistic, something abstract or both. The paintings also represent the challenges of being spontaneous and working with different color schemes and unlimited shapes, and going on a creative journey. 

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Pizzazz, 49"H x 29"W x 26"D
Franco Castelluccio

It only takes one glance to see in the sculpture of Franco Castelluccio the work of a true master. An accountant by trade, Mr. Castelluccio was in his twenties before he touched his first piece of clay. His life was never the same. Having received no formal training, his inspiration seemed to spring from a newly awoken passion within. Today his works are sought after by art collectors from around the world.

His work is in turn whimsical and romantic, turbulent and heroic.  His sinewy and supple sculptures seem about to move at any moment. With the soul of a poet, Mr. Castelluccio takes many of his subjects from great works of literature and the most stirring stories of ancient Greek and Roman mythology and credits among his early influences Carpeaux, Bernini, and he says "of course Michelangelo".

“Years spent at the art students league in NYC, creating anatomical drawings, provided me with the foundation necessary to have freedom to create the human figure from within,” says Castelluccio of his early years as an artist. “To not be confined to what I can see in a model before me, but rather to have the command to create what I know . . . is the essence of a good sculptor.” More information:

Artists of the Americas

AOTA provides  a platform that effectively enables internationally-emerging artists from Latin America to share their thoughts, emotions, ideas, reflections, values, customs, beliefs and discoveries to a global audience.

AOTA works closely with  with embassies, consulates, ministries of cultural affairs, museums, corporations, and non-profit organizations  in its mission to enhance and enrich the general awareness of Latin America’s diverse cultures as well as to provide a gateway for a broader audience to reach and acquire innovative and original art works. 

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Artists pictured (clockwise from upper left): Yerandee Gonzalez, Enrique Daussat,
Leonardo Salazar, Sade.

Susan Freda

Susan Freda is a Rhode Island School of Design graduate who has taken her love of filigree and natural architecture to the extreme; combining jewelry, sculpture and fashion into hybrid forms.  Freda’s work has been sought after by the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, the de Young Museum, and by numerous private and corporate collectors.  More information:

Gonul Engin Yilmaz

This gifted artist is a true lover of nature, people and her native city of Istanbul, Turkey, where she resides. Her life passions combine with her artistic values and talent and come to life on her distinctive canvases as landscapes, still lifes, florals and portraits.  Ms. Yilmaz has participated in numerous exhibitions and one -man shows in the USA  and  Turkey.  Many of her paintings are held in private collections . She is a graduate of Robert College (ACG) and the Technical University of  Istanbul. 
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J Vitalia

"If I cannot live where the everyday thought is different, then I have to paint it. Show me the unseen, the unexpected. Let me get lost in a room of paint and blank canvas, and I will create a world where anything is possible."
                                                                                                                           -- Jennifer Vitalia

Jennifer Vitalia belongs to a family that is passionate for abstract art. From an early age she exhibit a talent for tapping into human emotions through texture and the written word. Her gift for sculpture, painting and poetry and a sincere adoration of her Italian-American heritage come together in her vivid imagery created with a variety of media and materials including acrylics, oil pastels and enamel or spray on canvas. Vitalia inspires viewers to embrace their own imaginations in dramatically painted splendor.
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798 Avant Gallery

Founded in the Chelsea area of New York City in 2005, 798 Avant Gallery discovers, cultivates and promotes both established and emerging contemporary artists from mainland China. The gallery exhibits an exceptional selection of original paintings, conceptual photography, works on paper, mixed media prints, sculpture, and installation pieces, with a high reputation among American and European collectors. Among the fine artists exhibiting at this distinguished gallery are Zhu Yi Yong and David Datuna (see below).
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Family-Memory No.2.
Oil on Canvas. 63x47cm, 2008.

Artist: Zhu Yiyong,

Zhu Yi Yong showcases new works that expand on his ongoing exploration of the popular child’s game, cat’s cradle. Born in Chongching, Sichuan Province, in 1957, Zhu Yi Yong studied oil painting at the highly acclaimed Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in China in 1977, part of the first class of students to be admitted after the Cultural Revolution. After graduating from the academy he was offered the position of associate professor of oil painting, a job he still holds today. His award-winning and critically acclaimed paintings are included in the collection of the Chinese National Museum of Art in Beijing.

Artist David Datuna with his mixed media installation
Reality of Modern Life, 48x36 in, 2009.

David Datuna is a truly unique self-taught artist whose dynamic and expressive work combines simple shapes and limited color schemes which take him into a new direction of abstract art. David’s innovative style attracts professionals as well as amateurs.

Victoria Yin

The young  prodigy Victoria Yin has been compared by art critics with such art icons as Salvador Dali. Her intrinsic themes, distinctive surrealistic style, skillful mastery of form and color, have made her a sensation at the International Art Expo in New York. She is a rising star in the international art sphere.

Leon Oks

"I paint for the satisfaction of the created work. If the range of emotions and thoughts that I have experienced in the process of painting are visible on my canvas, only then do I call it finished.  It is at this point, knowing I have met my standards, I gain confidence that the viewer will respond in a similar way."                                                           --  Leon Oks

Russian born Leon Oks is a painter who combines dynamic movement and vivid color with a lyrical sensibility and a musical rhythm. Revealing joy and sadness in equal measure, his forms are meditative intertwining. The compositions flow back and forth in harmonic motion.

The female figure, resplendent with beauty and intrigue, is a common catalyst for his art.  Enveloped in a dreamscape of lush bodies and vegetation, its echoing form interacts and reacts with all that it touches, teasing the viewer to fill in the specifics. Images of hushed, warm towns and verdant landscapes fill out his oeuvre. The tottering, shaky little villages evoke the bittersweet nostalgia of childhood and the forest of birch trees breath, sway and beckon. These myriad variations of forms, seemingly unconnected, are chained together by his unabashed romanticism and a commitment to extracting the most expression possible from a fluid line.

Mr. Oks has exhibited widely across the United States and many international exhibitions in Europe, and is a frequent contributor to Art Expos around the world. He has received many first place awards in juried art shows both nationally and worldwide. His paintings can be found in numerous private collections, corporations, as well as museums. 
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Artur Moreira

Brazilian-born artist Artur Moreira impressed Couture Fashion Week attendees with his one-of-a-kind woodwork creations that are a distinctive juxtaposition of art, function and form.  Inspired by Salvador Dali, Mr. Moreira seeks out unique coloration and grain patterns in the wood he uses in his pieces. His lacquer-polished wine racks, cabinetry and a myriad of other wooden creations present a distinctive way for collectors to integrate art into their homes. In addition to his studio in Newark, New Jersey, Mr. Moreira plans to open studios in both Brazil and London to provide more direct international exposure. “When I was living in London, I became charmed by the English architecture and other forms of European woodworking,” says Artur Moreira. “All of the wood finishing really caught my attention, and because I always had the ability, I started to dream about the art of working with wood.”

More information:

Anita Lewis

California native Anita Lewis was raised in Europe. Her “Art for Modern Life” creates an unmistakable, somewhat European style of simplistic abstract modernism. The artist expresses herself in rich color-blends along with detail in the obscure with her oils on canvas. Her goal is to grace modern architectural environments, and that such surroundings will grace her art.

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Trinny Ferrazzy

Trinny Ferrazzy has been an accomplished designer, sculptor and painter for over 18 years. Ms. Ferrazzy has exhibited her work at many prestigious galleries and stores in the USA and Europe including H. Stern, Amsterdan Sawer and Belenky Brothers Gallery. Her recent paintings are inspired by quantum physics and are part of her soon-to-be released book entitled Smiles and Tears Coming From God, as well as a movie on which she is collaborating with her daughter, film maker Paula Ferrazzy.

Susanne Hangaard

Danish ceramist and product designer Susanne Hangaard takes a conceptual approach, often using unexpected combinations of materials with ceramics to achieve intriguing new expressions. The essence of her work is a desire to tell stories and create images in a playful interchange with the world within the framework of clashing environments and realities.

More information:

Monica Agudelo

Colombian painter Monica Agudelo identifies herself as an observer of the modern society. “I am a thief of individuals and global vices and virtues that speak to me and which I translate into my own artistic expression.” At Couture Fashion Week, Ms. Agudelo  showcased a selection of colorful pop art inspired by the excess of media consumption of which fashion is a part. Her work has been shown previously in Colombia, Germany and England.

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